We Need Speakers for Our Next Event!


We're getting to work on lining up speakers for the next event. The theme is going to be Family.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on potential speakers for this theme, please let us know or have them get in touch with us. The key to the New Narrative is storytelling and vulnerability. We want speakers with direct conflicts, experiences or challenges around Family that they are willing to share.

Here are some of the ideas we wanted to explore

1. Changing notions of family: Stories of families that exist outside the traditional American nuclear family paradigm, such as co-parenting families, multiracial families, gay and lesbian families, communal households, families of choice, different cultural notions of family or choosing to have no family at all.

2. Dynamics of family: Stories of why families are important; their power for positive and negative; the role of the extended family; the roles mothers, fathers and each individual in the family; family history and the bonds that keep families together.

3. Challenges of families: Stories of families that cross national and cultural divides; the struggles of working families; taking care of aging parents; families with disabilities; families dealing with disease, addiction or abuse; individuals isolated from families; estrangement, broken families and families attempting reconciliation.

We’re open to other ideas but these are the main set of concepts we want to explore.

If you have ideas on potential speakers, please send them our way! Feel free to share this around too. There’s no set date yet but we’re shooting for January or February 2017.