Something New at the Next New Narrative Event


We’re trying something extra for The New Narrative this time around by including a handful of interactive elements to the event. Your participation is encouraged!

The first will be a “vulnerability booth” where you’ll have the opportunity to share your own story about identity with other attendees by going behind the curtain and writing it on the wall. We’ll have also have a collage table to creatively explore what identity means to you. Lastly, we’ll have a communal book exchange where you can bring in a book to give away in exchange for a different one you can take home.

If you have materials to contribute to the collage table, please bring them! This can be magazines or any material that can be cut up and glued. Please only bring a handful of magazines, and ideally ones with good pictures, and more thoughtful and less consumer oriented content. If you have your own glue sticks and scissors to share that would be helpful too (we’re on a tight budget over here!)

Bring a book or two to share in the exchange also! Ideally the books you bring fit with the themes of The New Narrative, i.e. leave your Danielle Steele paperbacks at home. ;)