Why we need a New Narrative

We live in a world that is rapidly changing. Ideas that seemed universal as little as five or ten years ago have been found to be lacking or even dangerous today.

  • We’ve become aware that our consumer culture is leading to a degradation of our natural world.

  • Our economic and social mores discriminate against people of different races or identities.

  • Many of our day-to-day habits create a lonelier world devoid of positive human interaction.

We have an opportunity to redefine the narrative for our lives and shape it towards the path of a healthier, more equitable, fulfilling, and sustainable world.

What stories will we write to redefine our present and future?

The New Narrative is a call to action. Our capacity for change has never been greater. By writing the stories now we can chart the path for the future we’re destined to live in.


What we Look for in a Speaker

Do you have a story to share that fits one of our themes? If so, we'd love to hear from you.


Upcoming Themes

Each event of the New Narrative focuses on a different theme representing our societal building blocks.