Thank You for Coming to "Identity"


Thanks to everybody who came out to see The New Narrative presents: Identity on Saturday night! The turn out and level of engagement for these events has been amazing every time and always leaves me feeling more confident and excited about putting together the next one. Thank you!

A special thanks to all our speakers! They all worked very hard to put their stories together and go to some brave and vulnerable places to share their experiences with us. Omar Passons, Aztlán Aguayo, Noosheen Alaverdi, Gabi Schaffzin, Syra Evans and Ozzie Monge.

Also a special thanks to all our volunteers and the crew that came together to help plan the event and put it into action, including performance coaching, designing the flyer, putting together the vulnerability booth and collage table, and all the other hundreds of little pieces that go into creating the whole. Adam Powers, Anna Rebek, Nathan Cunningham and Yang Jiang.

We’re going to keep doing these events and exploring a new theme each time! We're always looking for new speakers and ideas. If you’ve got either, send them our way. To stay in the loop on future events you can "Like" The New Narrative on Facebook, check out for all the upcoming themes and also sign up for our newsletter via the link in the comments.

Thanks to everybody for being so supportive and interested in this project!