Speakers for Our Upcoming New Narrative Event "Identity"


For our next live social event, the New Narrative explores the theme of Identity.

We have the opportunity to project ourselves out into the world like never before. Some of us take this for granted while others risk harsh criticism and violence for the simple act of standing up and expressing who they are.

How do we want to identify ourselves in the new narrative? What are the challenges in finding these identities? Do we see ourselves accurately? Do our identities reflect who we really want to be? How do we create space for everybody to confidently and safely express who they are?

The next event of the New Narrative invites speakers from the arts, academia, activist, science, spirituality, business and neighborhood communities to share their stories, insights and experiences on the theme of Identity.


Omar Passons

Ozzie Monge

Syra Evans

Gabi Schaffzin

Patricia Aguayo

Noosheen Alaverdi

The New Narrative presents: Identity

Saturday, October 15, 2016

6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Bread & Salt

1955 Julian Ave

San Diego, CA 92113

$15 in advance

$20 at the door