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Our notion of family is changing and moving away from the concept of the nuclear family. There’s the now-common dynamic of divorce and co-parenting, legal recognition of gay and lesbian families, and growing sense that we also have the power to choose families for ourselves by bringing together a group of friends for a deeper level of support and companionship, sometimes in ways our biological families could never provide.

What do we want our families to look like in the new narrative? Why have they been changing so much? How thick do blood bonds really go?

The New Narrative is currently soliciting speaker suggestions and submissions to share their thoughts, insights and experiences on the theme of Family.

Here are some of the ideas we want to explore for this theme.

1. Changing notions of family. Stories of families that exist outside the traditional American nuclear family paradigm, such as co-parenting families, multiracial families, gay and lesbian families, communal households, families of choice, different cultural notions of family or choosing to have no family at all.

2. Dynamics of family. Stories of why families are important; their power for positive and negative; changing dynamics within families; the role of the extended family; the roles mothers, fathers and each individual in the family; family history and the bonds that keep families together.

3. Challenges of families. Stories of families that cross national and cultural divides; the struggles of working families; taking care of aging parents; families with disabilities; families dealing with disease, addiction or abuse; individuals isolated from families; estrangement, broken families and families attempting reconciliation.

If you’d like to share your story or recommend a speaker we’d love to hear from you. Email us at or submit your speaker recommendation or proposal here.

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