Thank you for joining us at The New Narrative presents Family

Family Poster Draft 2.06.png

Thanks to everybody that came out to the show last night! This was the fourth event of The New Narrative and with each event we realize we're asking the audience to approach the experience with a different sort of openness than you might need for other things you could choose to do with your night.

But every time an amazing crowd has showed up and embraced the full experience. Since the first event we've always been grateful with the caliber of people that have turned out, and the respect and engagement that everybody in the audience has consistently offered to all the speakers. It's a huge part of what makes us excited to do these sort of events again.

A special thanks to all our speakers too! They all worked incredibly hard on their pieces, some going to much more vulnerable places than they thought they were signing up for when they originally agreed to share their story. Iā€™m always flattered by the faith and commitment they show in the process of bringing their best story to stage for the night of the event.

We'll keep doing more events like this in the future. We hope to see you there again. :)