The New Narrative presents: Love, Sex, and Relationships happens in two weeks!

Love Sex Relationships Poster 2.06 - Final.png

The next event of The New Narrative is two weeks from tomorrow! We'll be exploring the theme of Love, Sex, and Relationships, with six speakers sharing their own personal stories and insights on everything from unconventional relationships, discovering one’s sexuality, self love, dealing with discrimination, and all the other ways these themes play important roles in our lives.

This project was started almost three years ago when we saw how so many of us were living differently than the "standard narrative" of American life.

The standard narrative assumed we'd all go to school, get great jobs, get married, buy a house and live happily ever after... but that's not how it worked out! Some of us didn't want that, others of us struggled to achieve it, and still others didn't have access to that kind of life at all. The idea behind the New Narrative is to explore how we can replace these "standard narratives" with a "New Narrative" that is more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate for all.

Tickets are available on the link! We plan to have tacos and drinks from San Diego Taco Company and Pisto Beer & Wine Catering. We'll also have a lot of fun interactive elements of the event that we'll be sharing more about soon.

We look forward to seeing you in two weeks at Bread & Salt!