Share Your Story on the Next New Narrative Event!

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Next week we're going to try out a new style of participatory storytelling event that we’d love for you to come check out. Rather than one person on stage telling a story to an audience, we’ll invite folks to get into small groups and share stories with each other based on the theme of Relationships.

We’ll give a quick primer on storytelling and pass out a handful of prompts to help get you started, but after that it will be up to you! It might seem intimidating at first, but humans are hardwired for this. Even the shyest people take to storytelling like fish to water.

This will be the first of what we hope becomes a regular monthly event for The New Narrative. The overarching goal of the project was always to create a community. Our hope is that creating regular monthly events to compliment the larger events at Bread & Salt, we can start to see the community come together.

Everybody is welcome. There is no charge, although I'll happily accept donations. Bring friends and be ready to meet some new folks too. Food and drinks (including non-alcohol options) will be available for purchase at Tostadas North Park and ChuckAlek Biergarten.

And keep your eyes open for the announcement of the next big New Narrative event, coming soon!

See you next week!