Polycule Relationship Diagrams


Our worlds are full of different relationships that bring our lives meaning, but how often do we stop to think of exactly what these relationships are and what they mean to us?

Relationship diagrams are a popular concept in the polyamorous world. The idea is to map out the important people in your world, the nature of the relationships, how often you see them, and to what degree your lives are intertwined.

The results of creating such a diagram can be pretty eye opening! For the next upcoming event of the New Narrative on the theme of Love, Sex, and Relationships, we’ll have an interactive table where you can make your own relationship diagrams, using whatever labels or constructs are useful to you. We’ll provide information on possible ways to think about your relationship diagram and encourage you to think out of the box about the people you consider yourself to be in a relationship with. For example, this can include romantic relationships, but perhaps you also want to explore the interactive relationships you have with your housemates, family, and both local and far-flung friends.

Be creative and do what works for you!