Introducing Daring Stories

I said there was going to be some new events coming down the pipeline for the New Narrative and now is the time to roll one out!

Daring Stories is a new live storytelling event from The New Narrative. It’s designed to be a mix of open mic and featured storytellers, with each night exploring a new theme on the concept of daring; such as overcoming obstacles, dealing with challenges, finding personal courage, and working to make a more equitable world.

The idea behind Daring Stories is to create a stronger community around the New Narrative by hosting more regular events and creating opportunities for people to learn about storytelling and share their stories.

Daring Stories will be the third Wednesday of every month at the Collective Impact Center in City Heights. We love the space for it’s eclectic DIY flair, but also because the building it’s housed in, a converted church, is also home to host of other important community services, such as a refugee shelter, a homeless food kitchen, and a community medical clinic.

The world needs powerful storytellers now more than ever. Through sharing the stories of what matters to us most we learn about ourselves, grow as leaders, build community, and craft the narrative for the world we want to live in.

Whether you have a story to share or just want to listen, we’d love to have you join us. Open mic stories are 5 minutes. Featured storytellers get 8 minutes. If you’re interested in being a featured storyteller you can get more info here.

The best part is each event will also include a storytelling workshop an hour before the actual show too. If you’re feeling nervous or unsure about your own story, the workshop will provide an opportunity to learn more about storytelling and practice in a lower stakes setting.

Come join us to see first hand how powerful storytelling can be!

Info about upcoming events for Daring Stories is below.