Thanks for being interested in being a featured storyteller at an upcoming Daring Stories event. Below is some quick info on what we’re looking for a form where you can submit your story idea.

Daring Stories is all about exploring the times in our lives when we’ve stepped out of our comfort zones, faced up to a challenge, or had to look deep within ourselves for the courage to carry through. Through a mix of open mic and featured storytellers, we’re working to build out Daring Stories as a way to create more community around the New Narrative.

As a featured storyteller we offer guaranteed placement in the line up with a longer time slot to share your story.

To help us decide who we are going to feature each month, please tell us a little about the story you want to tell below. Your answers don’t need to go super in depth; 30-50 words per question would be perfect (approx. 2-3 lines of text).

We won’t be able to select everybody so we hope that if you story doesn’t get selected for a particular month, you’ll still come join us and participate in the open mic.

Thanks for being interested!

Daring Stories Speaker Submission Form

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What is your story about? Give us the quick pitch.
Good storytelling takes places in scenes. What were some important scenes and moments in your story?
What was the most important obstacle you faced in this story, either internal or external.
What theme is this story for?
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