Thanks for coming to the New Narrative presents Community

Thanks to everybody who came out to the inaugural event of The New Narrative last night! It was great to have so many people interested in hearing stories about how Community works in our lives from some of our brightest and most passionate organizers and activists in San Diego.

I feel like the conversation about what we want from community, how it can work for us and how we can go about creating it is an overdue discussion we've all been wanting to have! I hope the turnout to last night's event is a testement to the fact that other people feel the same way and are ready to start taking steps to create the communities they want in our world.

Special thanks to all our amazing speakers! I know many of them stayed up late the night before to work on what they were going to talk about and went to some vulnerable places they didn't expect to go. I really wanted to get the 'doers' on stage to share, but this meant they were working on their talk on top of their regular job and everything else they are involved in. It was a big commitment and I'm flattered that all of them were willing to take the leap and join us on stage last night. :)

We're going to do it again so keep an eye out here for more info! If you're interested in getting more involved or potentially being a speaker I'd love to hear from you. Send me a message, 'like' the Facebook page and/or check out the website.