New Narrative speaker suggestions: Communication

I’m getting to work on the second event for the New Narrative. I’m planning to make it on the theme of Communication. I wanted to see if you have any ideas on people that would be good fits for speakers or if you have your own ideas for a talk too. 

I wanted to explore the theme of Communication from three main ideas:

1. Our Relationship with Media: Including social media and the changing news media landscape. What does this mean for how information is communicated to us and how we can communicate to each other?

2. Interpersonal Communication: How do we talk to each other? How do we talk to ourselves? Where are the challenges most pronounced? What does it take for us to freely and comfortably express ourselves?

3. Cross cultural communication: What are the communication barriers for people from different cultures, races, ideologies, genders, languages and/or countries? What can we do to help bridge these gaps? 

Some examples of the type of talks I might be looking for would be perhaps a therapist or counselor with insight into communication in relationships or self talk; somebody with direct experience of the pros and cons of social media for a cause or the greater good; somebody who regularly deals with people of a different political or social ideology than their own and has found ways to bridge the gap; or somebody who has been affected by messaging, such as religious indoctrination, negative self talk or racial/ethnic/gender biases and how that has affected them.

I’m open to other ideas but this is the main set of concepts I wanted to work towards. The key is I want stories from somebody with direct experience that are willing to talk about it. If anybody comes to mind or if you've got ideas yourself, please send them my way! 

Here is a link to all the themes I’ve got planned. Feel free to share this around. If you have thoughts on speakers for future themes or your own ideas on a talk I'd love to hear those too. :)