Why We’re Doing It

The Goal of The New Narrative is to write our own stories.
Why We're Doing ItWe live in a world that is rapidly changing. In the last generation there’s been a dramatic shift in the narrative about community, communication, family, spirituality, work, personal identity and the consumer economy.

Ideas that were seemingly universal as little as five or ten years ago have been found to be lacking, or even dangerous today. We’ve become aware that our consumer culture is leading to a degradation of our natural world, our economic and social mores discriminate against people of different races or identities, and many of our day-to-day habits create a lonelier world with less and less positive human interaction.

We have an opportunity to redefine the narrative for our lives and shape it towards the path of creating a healthier, more fulfilling and sustainable work. What stories will we write for ourselves that will define our present and future world?

The New Narrative is a call to action. Our capacity for understanding and change has never been higher. By writing the stories for ourselves now we can change the future we’re destined to live in.

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