We live in a world that is rapidly changing. In the last generation there’s been a dramatic shift in the narrative about community, communication, family, spirituality, work, personal identity and the consumption economy.

Ideas that were seemingly universal in the standard narrative as little as five or ten years ago have been found to be lacking, or even dangerous today. We’ve become more aware of how our consumer habits are leading to a degradation of our natural world, our economic and social mores are discriminatory against people of different races or identities, and many of our day-to-day habits create a lonelier world with less positive human interaction then we need to live as a healthy human society.

Many of the stories that shaped our previous world don’t relate to the world we’re living in anymore and don’t relate to the world we want to create. What stories will we write for ourselves that will define our present and our future?

The New Narrative is a call to action for us to write the narrative of what we want and create the future we want to live in now.