Love, Sex & Relationships

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Of all the things in the world that can bring us joy and happiness, it’s the feeling of falling in love and the quality of the relationships around us that can have the most positive effect. We relish the opportunity to talk about relationships but it only happens in certain company. Many of us still remain fearful and even ignorant of how to cultivate positive relationships in our lives, how to address our own insecurities, how we affect the people closest to us and how to show others we care.

How have love, sex and relationship been changing?What do we want our relationships to look like in the new narrative? What will it take to get us past our social mores and hang ups around love, sex and relationships to where we can express ourselves openly and respectfully to others?

The New Narrative is currently soliciting speaker submissions and suggestions to share their thoughts, insights and experiences on the theme of Love, Sex & Relationships.

Here are some of the ideas we want to explore for this theme.

1. Love is Powerful. Love, sex and relationships can be amongst the most redeeming and life affirming aspects of being human. But there is also a dark side. All too often boundaries are crossed, power dynamics are exploited, and people are grievously hurt–physically and emotionally–in ways that may never heal. What are the stories of love’s power to hurt and love’s power to heal?

2. Love is Changing. Our cultural mores and traditional ways of thinking about love, sex and relationships are changing. What are the stories of people that are exploring non-traditional relationships, negotiating cultural differences, or even choosing to forgo love, sex and dating altogether?

3. Love is for Everybody. How is the culture and experience of love, sex and relationships different for people across different identity lines, such as ethnic, cultural, racial, religious and/or gender?

If you’d like to share your story or recommend a speaker we’d love to hear from you. The New Narrative is especially interested in including stories from POC, LGBTQ, immigrants, refugees, differently-abled people or anybody else that is underrepresented in typical depictions of American culture.

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