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NathanYoung picFounder – Nathan Young

The New Narrative is based off my own experiences, as a writer and storyteller, and as a member of our society.

I learned about the power of storytelling while working as the Production Director of the literary arts nonprofit, So Say We All. I saw how storytelling could transmit an idea, foster a connection and create an identity through the narratives we give a voice to. The essence of storytelling is conflict; overcoming an obstacle to get to an important goal. I saw how storytelling could be a medium to share a vision by telling the stories of the challenges we encounter to create it. This helps identify our mutual obstacles and fosters a hope that we can overcome them together.

The goal of writing our own narratives is important to me because I don’t see our current narrative as being sustainable. An ever increasing number of friends and people close to me struggle to build a life for themselves that is stable and fulfilling. Reliable, well paying employment has become elusive and our consumer habits and economic systems are only serving to create more income disparity and further damage to our natural environment. Our value system is centered around money, but we all know that a larger purpose in life and fulfilling human relationships are more important to us than money. How do we create a society that recognizes and rewards those values?

My goal is to create a space for us to share our narrative visions. I hope you come to experience the stories of the New Narrative yourself. If you have something to share I would love to hear from you too.

Nathan Young
August 2015

Contact: nathan@thenewnarrative.org

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